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(IFPUG 4.2 rules) (one day)

Course Description: This workshop focuses on issues and techniques for function point counts of enhancement activities. It starts with a review of FP 4.2 counting rules and then proceeds to address the following objectives:

  • To discuss different types of “enhancement” activities and how they differ.
  • To discuss the fundamental FP boundary concepts and the issues prevalent with enhancement activities.
  • To equip students with tools to aid in counting enhancement projects.
  • To practice, through a hands-on case study, applying FP counting to enhancement activities.

Suggested Prerequisites: FP 101 or equivalent; i.e., a basic function point counting course, typically 2 days.

Target Audience: Individuals who have previously taken function point training and who need to learn how to size and estimate their enhancement projects using FPA.

Public Workshop Fee — See our public training page for current pricing and bonuses.

The workshop fee includes a complete set of workshop notes, FP counting examples, Case Studies, Quality Plus Technologies, Inc. Reference Card for Function Point Counting, Counting Forms, Course Completion Certificate, refreshment breaks. All of our instructors are IFPUG Certified Function Point Specialists (CFPS).

For Conference Course Fee — See Appropriate Conference Websites.

For Onsite Course Fee — Please Contact Us for Prices.