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Our workshops consistently receive the highest ratings by measurement practitioners, quality assurance specialists, project managers, and software developers.

We conduct the following standard Software Measurement Training and Function Point workshops as public workshops and on-site workshops.(Custom Courses are also available, call us for details).

Quality Plus Training Catalog And Workshops

Download the Quality Plus Training Summary listing our available workshops. — or —

Download the full Quality Plus Training Catalog (28 pages).

Function Point Analysis Workshops

IFPUG Certified Hands-On Function Point Analysis also known as IFPUG FP-101

Two Days – Beginner

Function Point Analysis for Web-Based Software

One or Two Days – Intermediate

Function Point Refresher also known as IFPUG’s FP-103

One Day – Intermediate

Function Point Validation also known as IFPUG’s FP-331

One Day – Intermediate

Function Point Analysis and Counting Enhancements

One Day – Intermediate

Function Points and Use Cases – A Requirement Workshop

One Day – Intermediate

IFPUG Release 4.2 Impact also known as IFPUG’s FP-230

Half-Day – Intermediate

Overview of Function Points — What do Project Participants need to Know

Half-Day – Beginner

CFPS (Certified Function Point Specialist) Preparation also known as IFPUG 301

One Day – Advanced

Software Measurement Workshops

Fact Based Management also known as IFPUG’s MS-212

One Day – All Levels

Use-Cases: Building Better Software – A Requirements Workshop

2.5 Days

Practical Software Measurement

One or Two Days – Beginner to Intermediate

Guide to Software Measurement Start-up

One day – Beginner to Intermediate

What is Project Modeling? (An Introduction to Project Estimating) also known as How to Prepare for a FP Count

Half-Day – Beginner to Intermediate

Executive Overview of Software Measurement

Half-Day – Beginner

Series of Various Measurement Presentations

One to four hours – Beginner

Work Effort/Time Reporting Workshop

Half – Day – All Levels

Project and Attribute Reporting Workshop

Half- Day – Intermediate to Advanced

Cost Reporting Workshop

Half-Day – Intermediate to Advanced

Quality Reporting Workshop

Half-Day – Intermediate to Advanced

Software Engineering Life Cycle Metrics Workshop

Half-Day – Intermediate to Advanced

Goal-Question-Metric (GQM) Workshop

Half-Day – All Levels

SPC (Statistical Process Control) Overview Workshop

Half-Day – All Levels