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Logical — Refers to logical functions and logical user requirements. Conceptual, from a user business perspective. Does not include design or quality considerations. Reflects what the software must do, not how.

User — Person, thing, other application, department, etc. that provides functional user requirements for the software.

Application (system) — A cohesive collection of automated procedures and data supporting a business objective.

Project — Pertains to the work product done on a single application:

  • Development: The specification, construction, testing, and delivery of a new information system.
  • Enhancement: The modification of an existing application.

Enhancement (project) — Functional modifications to the elementary processes of the application (e.g., New / Modified / Removed functions: EI, EO, EQ, ILF or EIF)

File — A logically related group of data, not the physical implementation of those groups of data.