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northernSCOPE is an innovative approach to managing Software and Systems Programs.

It is based on the original concepts of southernSCOPE used in Victoria, Australia, and enhanced through years of elaboration and practical experience by the Finnish Software Measurement Association (FiSMA). In March 2007, northernSCOPE was formalized for international use.

northernSCOPE is based on unit pricing of softwareand embraces the following twelve concepts:

  1. Customer driven requirements lead to hiring Certified SCOPE Manager
  2. SCOPE Manager organizes and subdivides “program of work” into standard “projects”
  3. Early functional size estimate of component software projects (as appropriate)
  4. SCOPE manager and customer analyze quality requirements
  5. Customer issues RFP for software and systems development
  6. Customer selects supplier based on agreed upon unit cost per software function point
  7. Requirements specification developed with customer and supplier
  8. SCOPE manager baselines Functional Size of software components and product development commences
  9. Change management done based on unit cost / FP as agreed
  10. SCOPE manager quantifies and reports project progress
  11. Project completed, customer pays based on FP delivered and agreed
  12. Final project experience data collected and stored

For more information download the northernSCOPE brochure.