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Measuring programming progress by lines of code is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight.” – Bill Gates

What Are Function Points?

Function points (FP) are a unit of measure of software size based on its functional user requirements. FP quantify the size of the software’s “floor plan” by evaluating the software’s functional requirements, and they are independent of how the software will be developed. Similar to square feet, FP are useful to normalize productivity and quality ratios across different development technologies and implementation alternatives.

What is Software Measurement?

Software measurement is a new way of managing software development. By collecting critical measurements during the system development process, project managers can track and control development variables. Collecting the appropriate measures cuts development costs through accurate estimating, requirements management and control of scope and risks. Quality Plus Technologies, Inc. specializes in the implementation of successful software measurement programs, with an emphasis on the people and cultural changes involved.

Who does Software Measurement?

Any company who does software development and who seeks to achieve a software process maturity level of 3 or higher (based on the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model) requires a formal software measurement program to track and control their processes. Additionally, many companies worldwide have implemented measurement to achieve software estimating excellence.

What does Software Measurement Cost?

Depending on the scope of your measurement initiative, published industry figures attest that an established software measurement program accounts for from only one to three percent of system development costs. While measurement requires an upfront investment in training and implementation, software measurement pays for itself within the first three years. For actual return on investment, Quality Plus Technologies, Inc. would be happy to have one of our clients call you to discuss their program and the benefits they perceive to have resulted.