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The biggest challenge in implementing software measurement extends beyond the technical logistics of implementation — to the people involved in measurement. Yet people issues are often overlooked in the planning and implementation of software measurement. We know that it is important to follow formal steps to implement software measurement (see ITMetrics Strategies issues: March 1997 and September 1996). However, there are other aspects that must also be addressed.

Software measurement involves cultural changes and affects the way people view their work, how the organization places value on their work, and how people interact with others in the workplace. The degree to which people affect the success of measurement, however, is seldom anticipated.”

— Recommendations to Gain Participation from Your Developers by Carol A. Dekkers, Quality Plus Technologies, Inc. Published in IT Metrics Strategies, Vol. III, No. 12, December 1997.

Successful software measurement is the result of good planning, choosing the right measures and gaining the participation of the people involved. Quality Plus Technologies, Inc. focuses on planning and implementing the right measures at the right time, so that your company can translate your investment into dollar savings through productivity and quality improvement.

All of our training and consulting services have been designed and refined through practical experience with successful measurement programs across many industries. Our winning approach is the culmination of taking “the best of the best” measurement approaches together with proven techniques that overcome the human resistance to change.